Karaka astrology meaning

Importance of Karaka or Significators in Astrology

Atma Karak AK : - Atma karak is the 1st house indicator. Atmakaraka is the indicator of the soul or more closely the "soul material". When there is an influence of planets on the Atmakarka then the person is also influenced by the Karkatatvas of these planets. The planet which attains the Second highest degree of longitude.

If the Amatya karak is afflicted, then the native suffers in the fields of profession, wealth and education. Significator of the hoard, collections of wealth and knowledge. Significator of the career, leadership roles, social rank. We can analyse family from second house, education and wealth from fifth house, fortune from ninth house and profession from tenth house. Journeys to a foreign country can also be analysed by the ninth house.

The tenth house is also used to analyse authority and sovereignty. Bhratri Karaka BK : It is the representative of the 3rd and 9th houses. The planet which attains the Third highest degree of longitude qualifies for the post of Bhratri Karaka. Younger Siblings, neighbors, short-journeys, courage, hobbies, communiocation expertise, ability and death of parents etc. We can also judge the significations of 9th house i.

The eleventh house is used to analyse all kinds of profit, elder siblings, promotions and profits. Significator of small groups. Matri Karaka MK : It is the indicator of the 4th house. The planet which attains the Fourth highest degree of longitude qualifies for the post of Matri Karaka.

Significator of Schooling, landed property, cultural roots. Putra Karaka PK : It is the indicator of the 5th house. The planet which attains the Fifth Highest degree of longitude becomes the Putra Karaka.

Chara Karaka in Astrology

We can judge the significations of the 5th House from PK i. We also extend PK for the significations of 9th House, as it is 5th from 5th. The analysis of education, progeny, the knowledge of Mantras, ministership etc.

Atmakaraka in Navamsa

Significator of the children, intelligence, creativity, good luck. Gnati Karaka GK : The gnati karaka sixth, eighth and twelfth house indicator likewise produces difficult patterns in a chart. The planet which comes sixth in descending order from AK becomes the Gnati Karaka.

Calculation Rules

Thank you. VS, can results be different using Jaimini and Parashara methods? For example, for a Pisces asc, 10th lord is debilitated in Capricorn with NB. I learnt from you that divisionals cannot override D-1 by much.

Is this still true if you mix the Parashara and Jaimini methods? Tenth from lagna has 3 planets and saturn is associated with jupiter in lagna then how would you predict about career? Thanks vivek sir can moon give beaurocratic job if it is located exactly on 10th house cusp. Vivek sir I am confused about paksha bala of moon around 12th to 15th days of of krishna paksha. Hi vivek sir eleventh from arudh lagna shows source of income. Vivek sir according to sanjay rath school rahu or ketu in 11th from arudh lagna give questionable means for the source of income that is not according to law of land native is residing in.

Thanks vivek sir Whenever i feel confused about any concept in astrology i come to your website. Vivek sir Which house is arudh lagna if lagna lord is in 10th house? Vivek sir Can rahu be considered as charakarka? Vivek sir My question is related to rashi drishti of jaimini astrology Venus aspecting tula rashi by rash drishti from leo sign in first case and venus aspecting tula rashi from taurus in second case.

In one case it is strong and happy as its own sign and in the other case it is in an inmical sign and also neecha abhilashi going towards its debilitation. Vivek sir Does association of any planet with arudh lagna incude rashi aspect of that planet on the arudh lagna?. Vivek sir Arudha lagna is 7th house and a planet is in lagna.

In this case planetry aspect is present but rashi aspect is not present but in case of dual signs even rashi aspect is present. Sir Second house is not strong but arudha of second house is strong. Wish you happy diwali vivek sir Moon is the karaka for fame so what is the difference between wanning and waxing moon in this respect.

Also in general waxing is better than waning as it is going towards a better brighter future when waxing. Vivek-ji, When does ketu in 12th from Karakamsa and KL signify moksha — can it be in any sign or only in certain signs? If ketu conjuct with graha should they be functional benefics or general benefic grahas?

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Yoga-karakas are those planets which, according to Hindu astrology, confer fame , honour, Karakas[edit]. Karaka (कारक), the word derived from the verb Kr meaning to do or make; literally it means that which makes or causes an event. Karakas in vedic astrology: Introduction The word karaka 20 means “one who causes”. Karaka of a matter is the significator of the matter.

Thank you! Thank you for the response. The person who has this combination can only be termed as agnostic or atheist at this time young age. I have heard that usually this combination gives spiritual tendency from very young age. Or maybe I am mistaken. Dear VS: I am a little confused by how to interpret planets from the karakamsa. Do we examine their placement in the navamsa chart or in the rasi chart?

For example, does ketu 12th from karakamsa in the navamsa or rasi chart signify moksha? Appreciate your clarification. It will be a malefic planet or a benefic planet? Kanya lagna, mars in Mithun would be in 4th and not in the 10th. I was listening to an audio from Pt Rath and he mentions Jaimini specifically mentions this. Has the former got to do with perceptions and the latter to do with reality? Am I correct? Hello VS: When there is no planet sitting in a rashi, is the effect of this Rasi on other rashis zero?

Or do graha drishtis on the rasi still have an influence? Also to be considered in detail are partial aspects, which usually are never 0. What is the additional info I could get? Say Tula lagna 5 degrees and venus in scorpio at 25 degrees. Thanks, Mrugesh. Sir Can we consider bhava chalit chart while deriving arudha pada for any bhava? Additionally, per Jaimini, his Gnati karaka is also Saturn. Will this weak vargottam Saturn cause excessive strife in his life?

I have been very worried since finding this. Hello, there is no such thing. Little knowledge is dangerous. You have to see all the yogas in a chart. Standalone this saturn is not that bad as 4th lord in 9th. Your email address will not be published. The Art of Vedic Astrology.

Skip to content. Not About Belief! If You are looking for a Reading.. Tropical Generic Predictions Case Studies. Some Important Jamini Concepts to Know Changing gears a little bit from our discussion, which has been focused on Parasari astrology, I mention some rules related to Jamini astrology. Hence such a saturn will aspect Taurus, Leo and Aquarius Very important to note that these aspects are of the entire sign and not the planet itself.

Example Mercury is at 27 degrees in a sign of an individual and that is the maximum of all planets, it will be called AK or Atma Karaka for the individual The importance of these karakas can not be over emphasized. June 16, at pm. VS says:.

Hi Varun thats life isnt it? Varun says:. July 9, at pm. July 10, at pm. July 12, at am. Ok Thanks. July 31, at am.

August 4, at pm. August 11, at pm. August 13, at pm. Hi Varun Being virgottam has nothing to do with retrogression Jupiter can be or not be retrograde in the above case in which jupiter will be in the last 3. Prasad says:. October 6, at pm.

Do we look at career prospects from Amatykrk ruler? October 7, at pm. I cant answer piecemeal questions or do personal readings. October 14, at pm. Can they still be called Vargottama. October 16, at pm. October 19, at am. Got it. October 20, at pm. If aries is a friendly sign for Jupiter, it remains so whether D1 or D9 etc Jupiter gives good results in aquarius being a neutral sign as well as the natural 11th sign for which jupiter is a karaka. Q says:. December 10, at am.

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In Astrology, 7 th house denotes marriage. For studying effects of any Bhava, Bhava, its lord and karaka should be considered. First of all, it should be decided that which planet influences 7th house most. The influence may be by position, aspect or conjunction PAC.