Retrograde astrology definition

What does Mercury in retrograde mean?

Of course, few of us can afford to hide under our beds for three weeks, so for most people, life goes on as usual during Mercury retrograde. And if you choose to be more cautious during this time, well, a little extra caution never hurt anyone. Share it below!

Mercury is in retrograde - here's how it could affect your mood

So I just heard about this from a YouTube video and was curious what it was. A few days after that date my sisters parents in law split up, and my wives grandma passed away. In this time period my wife also lost her job. So a lot went wrong for a lot of people. Especially since I do not have a lot of people in my life for that much to happen. I now believe that maybe this stuff may have some truth to it.

I was told I was leaking brake fluid to make matters worse. Brightside: I now feel safe knowing both back and front brakes have been inspected.

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Brightside: My husband carries a portable battery and happened to be downtown this week for training. If this is the bad side of the scale, trying to keep things into perspective and remind myself that its really not that bad. I was very skeptical until my girlfriend told me about it. Besides, emails that I have sent to this company I bought products from! And they never received anything from me! Believe or not Mercury Retrograde is pain in the neck!

I have had sciatica on my left side which is only getting worse. I have to go to PT on the 24th. Is the pain more extensive to my spine??

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Am I going to have to have a hip replacement or something??? Can dreadful things start a few days before? Lost things all day Sunday, Monday not well, Tuesday electrical problems, Wednesday no house water for 12 hours, Thursday, computer crashed in morning and lost cell power which made it cause no incoming or outgoing texts for 20 hours, Oh yeah, at am, got a text telling me the problem was taken care of and all of the text from the day came flooding in. Lucky me. Friday, I was on the phone 3 times to get my computer running. Lord give me strength. I definitely believe that Mercury Retrograde has some kind of influence over transportation issues.

I have had nothing but car problems ever since this Mercury Retrograde. I bought a new battery, and I took it to Auto Zone. I went and got that fixed. The next morning I tried to start my car and it would not turn over. Even the alternator and new battery still has not fixed the problem. I am just going to wait a few weeks and take it from there. It is the Mercury Retrograde! I totally believe this is the cause of my string of bad luck with my vehicle. First, tire got dry rot even though I drive on it all the time.

Then a chip in my window which has been there for over a year through a summer and a harsh winter, now started to splinter…then I received a speeding ticket after 18 years of safe driving. So yes, Mercury has affected me in so many ways. My computer and tv both died and my husband and I have been fighting all week.

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There have also been communication mix ups between myself and a couple others. I attribute all of this to Mercury retrograde. This makes sense work is crazy me and my husband had arguments i told him to leave , had tension headaches all last week. What were the dates of Mercury Retrograde in ? It was a tough year to say the least. Like many elements of astrology, a Mercury Retrograde has an undeserved bad reputation. Same thing. Mercury retrograde. Gotta love it — waking you up at 3am because your carbon monoxide detector kept going off. No worries! After digging out and trying 6 brand new batteries we finally found 3 that quieted it down.

I put in fresh batteries at daylight savings time. And later in the day we bought two new detectors.

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Just make sure its a paper bag! For as long as I can remember my mom and grandma have said be careful, Mercury is about to go retrograde.


And until I became a truly open minded adult did I understand what that meant. Boy does the fit seem to hit the shan! I try not to make any important decisions, nor do I push for important things to be completed. And Mars goes through a retrograde period about twelve weeks long every two or two and a quarter years. Knowing when Mercury will go retrograde next can help you prepare to not only weather this difficult period, but actually get use out of it. People complain about Mercury retrograde so much that Venus and Mars retrograde periods may be completely ignored, but understanding them is important as well, because Venus affects relationships and Mars affects energy, will and drive.


To find out more about other astrological events happening in , such as eclipses and planetary conjunctions, see this: Transits in the Year We will treat your information with respect. Meet Jamie Jamie was born in the turbulent 's to a pair of aging East Coast hippie parents. On a diet of myths, folklore and fairy tales, she grew like a weed.

At sixteen, Jamie had her first astrology reading from a family friend. The reading itself was interesting, but more interesting was astrology itself.

Retrograde Shadow Periods

Their retrograde period are the most crucial in our day-to-day lives. I attribute all of this to Mercury retrograde. Issues may surface that you have completely forgotten about. Vakragati confers exceptional i. With Mercury retrograde, your thinking is different.

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